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Meet a supervising doctor to determine the wellness needs

How Wellness Programs Work At Drug Rehab Center

Wellness programs are one of the essential elements of any addiction treatment plan. While psychology and other therapies play an important role in recovery, wellness activities are crucial contributors to the mind and body. They promote a positive outlook and self-esteem, which help addicts maintain abstinence.

The benefits of nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and other aspects of wellness programs can’t be neglected. When the body and mind are healthy, then the need to take drugs and alcohol will disappear over time. So, we are going to present you the steps to a wellness program in treatment. When considering wellness with addiction treatment it’s important to pick the right rehabilitation center. Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Vermont.

Meet a supervising doctor to determine the wellness needs

Personalized wellness treatments are created to produce a positive outcome. It will help people stay engaged and focused on recovery. In order to promote the customization of therapy, the person needs to provide information about his wellbeing upon the admission to the treatment facility.


Once he is administered into a rehab facility, it will take some time to review his specific health needs with a supervising doctor. The information may include illness and injuries caused by substance abuse, psychological condition, weight loss and gain and severity of cravings.

Setting up nutritional needs

Based on the information provided, the supervising physician can diagnose nutritional deficiencies and problems with diet. The gathered data will help the doctor come up with a wellness plan. This will include eating on a schedule and avoiding snacks and missing meals, eating low-fat food, getting enough healthy nutrients and intaking vitamins and minerals.

Setting up exercise needs

Exercise is one of the vital factors of this treatment. You need to recover your body in order to heal your mind. Training can assist you in managing withdrawal symptoms and focus on recovery during a rehab program.


You will be doing various types of exercises, such as cardio, Yoga, weight lifting, cross training, swimming, and aerobics. By combining these exercises, you will improve your well-being and motivation.

Use other holistic treatments

Wellness programs don’t only rely on exercise, but they try to incorporate different holistic therapies that will help you recover faster. They often include acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, meditation, and hypnosis. Alternative therapies may be implemented as well. Art and music can do wonders for your body and soul.  They will promote happiness, confidence, self-esteem, and help you connect with other individual, who are fighting the similar problem.