When we created a thewellnesscoop.org drug and alcohol rehab programs, we included more than 100 years of combined experience, studies, and research. Our team of experts knows what works; our treatments are focused on individuals and their emotional and physical issues. Our mission is to provide procedures that are effective and helpful, so our patients can stay sober. Not only are we dedicated to this outcome, but we take this task very seriously. After all, the well-being of our patients depends on our expertise and skills. We are here to help you fight addiction and assist you to overcome this challenging condition.


We can guarantee you the long-term results of our program. So far, we had more than thousand successfully cured patients. Our center not only offers our clients a treatment, but we also include their families. During stressful moments, the family should be there to help you, and only with their support, you will be able to recover. We will do everything we can to prevent you from relapsing. But, if you decide to sign up for our programs, keep in mind, we won’t go easy on you. We all have one goal in common, to help you cure and lead a healthy and happy life.